• 6-8 professional Polaroids Images





  • 10-30 very strong editorial photos and/or magazine prints cuts




  • 2-3 presentation good quality mini-videos

    • (2 min max) in a studio or in an open space with white/light walls. 

    • Then model walk to show her catwalk skills and introduce herself verbal

    • no need of a studio environment but better though - if not open space and clear background

  • Zcards IF YOU HAVE if not, still ok

    • if you have a personal set of FREELANCE MODEL Zcards, please do let us know.. 

    • If we accept you in our book, we will create 2 - Electronic-Zcard/Composite (main book and Polaroids) for you FREE OF CHARGE (usually worth £75, so it can be quite nice to have one designed specifically for you that you can also use for your private use)



    • We only accept models who do have a valid passport and allowed to work in the EUROPEAN WORKING ZONE (we can discuss individual possibilities after we arrange a phone conference together / I am available on Whats’app if necessary for the models outside Europe)

    • We pay models preferably via a UK bank account (you can have one even if you do not live permanently in the UK, apparently there are many online banking possibilities available. If you do live outside the UK and have a foreign bank account in Euros, you may have to take charge of the STERLINGS to EUROS transfer fee. We hope very soon to offer all models outside the UK who live in the EUROS a possibility to pay from our coming new EUROS account, therefore avoiding the STERLINGS Transfer fee.

    • more available on request

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