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Ask your Parent(s) / Legal Guardians(s) to contact us, preferably by email or Instagram (

Please be safe when meeting new people on internet. NEVER GO TO A FIRST MEETING ALONE and tell friends or Family where you are going at all time!

A serious Creative/Agent or Fashion Business Person will not rush you into any Photo-Shoot or Meeting you in person before talking to your parent first!


Any Agent wishing to represent/book/manage or develop you, will be in touch to organise a meeting and discuss  options.

Meetings can be at their office, castings/photo studios or other local places. 


No need to pay for professional pictures at this stage... 

-  POLAROIDS SNAPS taken in your home/garden, ideally on a white background, DAYLIGHT can be enough. 

-  WEAR NO MAKEUP or accessories, TIGHT CROP TOP/LEGGINGS or BIKINI or boxer short for men, plain colour...).  

-  Whether under 18 or not, BEST TAKING A FRIEND or FAMILY member with you at any first meeting.

Our Modelling Terms

Polaroids & Pictures

Contracts & Training

Fill in our Application with as much details possible about your background and aspirations

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