Our ENCORE models are truly amazing!

It is hard enough to make it in fashion and even harder to last in fashion. We are lucky to count many ENCORE MODELS amongs our new generation. Models who understand the entire trade and yet after many years of serious experience are still great joy to work with. it takes solid self motivation and discipline to become a VALEUR SURE like our models today, who are the ideal showroooms, Fitting and especialluy Exhibitions parterns for they know what they are doing and can become the event associate you require.


Encore Models can travel worldwide as part of your team at your convenience.




Some models enjoy few years career as a hobby, others represent the real working deal!


Gaelle is your ideal Pret a Porter Model. Highly experienced in catwalk shows, Showrooms, Fittings, Commercials and Shoots, working with Models who understand their Trade is a joy and surely your winning booking to a successful event.


... read more on Gaelle interview for Modelista London Bureau





Marilka models between London and Paris

A former Alacarte New faces we have worked many years, Marilka is simply a cool gentle model respectful of Designers Collections


A detail, shall we say, yet so important in the environment of Showroom/Fitting, Salons and Exhibitions. It is hard enough for Exhibitors to make it happen for few days a season while having to work in a confined environment with individuals you often just met. Having the right Model on site can make all the difference in your Sales. 



Luna is based in Paris


Tall and Slender, from catwalk to TV commercial, Luna is a great model available to work in London at your convenience

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