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We discover, train and mentor young fashion modelling talents for the international Fashion Weeks as well as the Trade Fashion market (Salons, showrooms, Fittings...).

Thanks to a visionary in-house training scheme, we help our models build the necessary CONFIDENCE, POSITIVE SELF IMAGE, the RIGHT ATTITUDE and the professional DECORUM needed to enter, make it and last within such a dynamic industry.

Indeed, Fashion Modelling is before all a JOB requiring models with good experience and a vibrant ever updating portfolio.

 ''Alacarte'' from the French ''à la carte'':

(term originally used within the catering industry / of a menu or restaurantÀ_la_carte) listing or serving food that can be ordered as separate items, rather than part of a set meal.

More broadly, the term is not exclusive to food. Today, it can be used in reference to other areas of life such as TV or the Service Industry, in reference to services given to our clientele with a greater choice of combinations. in our case here, modelling booking better suited to their fashion modelling cost and required logistics.


We represent a very limited number of EXCLUSIVE models with the advance costs of portfolio building and full training) as well as many FREELANCE models worldwide. Most our models are London based with few within the UK and abroad regularly commuting to London for major events

Our models are available for:

-   Test-shoots, Editorials shoots

-   Lookbooks, Catalogues, Ad Campaigns...

-   Salons, Showrooms, Fairs & Presentations

-   Fashion weeks/shows, Charity Shows & Parties, TV, etc...

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